Nike | Unlimited Stadium

A stunning visual execution from Nike built a life-sized running track for athletes to test footwear while generating digitized feedback to the runner.


Bacardi | InstantDJ

Working with Instagram’s relatively new Stories feature, Bacardi brought the nightlife experience to people’s fingertips by creating an interactive digital simulator of DJ turntables, allowing audiences to manipulate the sounds as a way to bring music and the brand better together.

Water Is Life | Venmo Hack

To show Millennials how even a tiny monetary donation to charity can help people around the world, Water Is Life used popular transaction service Venmo to raise awareness over the high-traffic 4th of July holiday. By capitalizing on the tool’s unlimited character count on payment descriptions, Water is Life was able to send unsuspecting users $0.01 payments and insert themselves into people’s app feeds, despite the platform’s resistance to any paid advertising.